Chiropractic treatment for Neck and Back Pain, Symptoms of Arthritis, Headaches and Sports Injuries in Exeter, Devon

Listed below are some of the questions we
are frequently asked.

Treatment is primarily
a safe, and often quite
gentle, manipulation of
the spine and other joints. This allows the parts of
the body that are not
moving properly to do so.
What happens during a consultation?
Your chiropractor will begin your first consultation by taking a full case history. Then you will be given standard orthopaedic and neurological tests and the movement of your spine and joints will be checked. If X-rays are necessary to assist diagnosis, these may be requested. Chiropractors are trained and qualified to take and interpret X-rays.

If your chiropractor identifies an underlying condition for which other treatment is appropriate, you will be referred to your GP or another specialist without delay. Even for such conditions, however, chiropractic may be very helpful in providing additional relief.

As well as using manipulation, your chiropractor may use ice or heat treatment, as well as other techniques, having explained exactly how they work.

What treatment can I expect to receive?
Depending on your particular problem, a package of care will be prescribed for you. This can include manipulation or mobilization, along with massage. A treatment called dry needling may be used (using disposable needles) to help with pain relief and muscle relaxation. Electrical therapy may also be part of the package. An exercise programme may be designed for you to include stretching and strengthening exercises. Advice on sensible every day activities and self help will also be given.

What exactly is chiropractic treatment and will it hurt?
Manipulation, when carried out correctly by a qualified practitioner, is not painful. If you have acute muscle spasm, when even the lightest touch hurts, there may be some discomfort. Sometimes if you have had a problem for some time you may feel sore after treatment whilst your body starts to adjust. Your chiropractor will tell you if this is likely to happen.

Am I too old to receive treatment?
Age really is no barrier! Manipulation is safe for people of any age; techniques differ for the very young, those with bone disease such as Osteoporosis and the elderly.

Will I need X-rays or MRI scans?
This depends on the nature of the case. It is the policy of the clinic to request X-rays or MRI scans only when it is judged clinically necessary.

How many sessions will I need?
This will depend on your particular condition, its severity and your response to treatment. Some general examples are:

3-6 treatments for a simple case of low back pain that you have had for only a short periods of time
6-12 treatments for a long-standing (Chronic) condition. Follow-up sessions at regular intervals may be necessary to help maintain the improvement and to help prevent reoccurrences.

What happens at the end of my treatment or once I start to feel better?
At the conclusion of a course of treatment or once asymptomatic many of our patients choose to attend the Clinic periodically in much the same way as they do with the dentist.

Periodic visits can help to maintain what has been achieved through treatment and can help to prevent reoccurrences. The decision to continue with maintenance care is very much a personal one and is not obligatory.


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